Best of the Geode Trend

I’m obsessed with Geodes. They are completely unique and stunning in their own individuality and are years upon years in the making.  When I was a child I of coarse had a rock collection and have always been fascinated with geology. As an adult my love for geodes has influenced the way I decorate as well as my jewelry designs.  Here are a few of my favorite geode selections.


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The first candle holder is available here. This item is $120 on Myee Carlyle; however, West Elm has these available for $79 (right) and you can find them on eBay for less than $50.  I definitely recommend anytime you are planning on buying a gem or mineral.. check eBay! Usually you can get one for a lot cheaper direct from Asia and you will know exactly which piece you are getting versus ordering from a store where you will be betting a variation.  I have a crystal quartz version from West Elm and plan on getting an amethyst version on eBay.


il_570xN.336364494   il_570xN.501335454_fxq3

Left: This is by far my favorite ring seen on Etsy.  It’s sold by illuminancejewelry for $48.  I love delicate gold rings and this one would be great layered or by itself. Right: The shop LuxDivine also offers a darker amethyst version but at a higher price of $85.


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Geodes incorporated wedding decor is a fairly new concept.  If you search for it on the internet not much will come up. These amazing photos, originated from RuffledBlog, I found via Pinterest. Honestly, I think there are so many great options for geodes, crystals, and minerals for wedding decor but it just hasn’t been tapped into yet! I have seen images of couples photographing their rings inside of a geode which is really cool! As much as I LOVE succulents it’s starting to borderline overkill as wedding decor so I think combining the two would be really beautiful and well balanced.  For more photos check out my board Aisle Style.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.46.20 AM   Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.04.04 AM

Do you just want a small touch of geode in your home? These knobs are available on Anthropologie and are PERFECTION. Literally, they are perfect. I have two of the ones seen on the left (they are $18!) and ONLY two because I can’t afford to spend more than that on knobs. A great idea is to pick a piece of furniture with fewer knobs to use the geodes and then use mercury glass throughout your home. I know Hobby Lobby has mercury glass knobs under $5.


earrings  necklace

Druzy jewelry is very popular on Etsy right now and there are TONS of options.  I have some druzy options in my own shop, however, my pieces tend to be beaded and and I prefer to wear simple chain items on a day to day basis. These stunning pieces are available from OhKuol and are currently on sale.


73e8b12b2f85dda15fda57659b7d6287   1a1ddac0b41e3c27d231c5ce647892f5

So you love Geodes so much that you want a statement piece of decor in your home. Well if you want to break the bank you could get an awesome quartz lamp from ShadesOfLIght for around $500. You could also get a set of geode bookends from pretty much anywhere. I mean anywhere. Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, eBay… the list goes on.  Even the Orange County fair had a few vendors that were selling them.  They range anywhere from $20 – $80.  The ones seen above are from Z Gallerie.


cdd23f8fe9277420ced1a892ca814358       rablabs-lia-bottlestopper-aquamarine-M

This quartz bottle stopper makes a perfect gift fore the wine aficionado in your life… or for yourself! There are lots of cool options out there. Just search on the internet for “Quartz Bottle Stopper” and you will get different variations from different websites. I’ve found cool pieces anywhere from $30 – $100. These exact ones are $65 and are available here.  Might I also suggest doing this as a DIY? I’m pretty sure it’d be very simple and cheap!


Lastly, you should check out this amazing feature from Vogue. It showcases Erin Fetherston’s apartment and it’s really beautiful. I hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know in the comments section if you have a favorite geode, gem, crystal, or mineral item and what it is!

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