Best & Worst Disney Princes

I grew up on Disney and have a love for it that no other set of films can come close to during my early childhood. For me, Disney wasn’t just a set of films. It was a way of life. You didn’t just WATCH a princess. You became a princess and went to Disneyland where the other princesses lived. Of coarse, I then turned into a tomboy and you couldn’t pay me to wear a princess costume even though I still loved Disney. The difference was I probably would have rather dressed up as a Super Saiyan by the time I was eight. One question I love to ask people is “Who is your favorite prince?” and the most common answers have always been either Prince Charming or Prince Eric. Ironically, these are two of my least favorite princes. So lets take a journey down Disney of days past and discover who are truly the best of the best when it comes to the princes. Or at least in my humble opinion. You do you and keep on loving Charming if he’s your cup of tea.


Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)


Appropriately in the image of all the princes above Phillip is in the center! So why is he my number one? Because he’s an all around bad ass. I mean, he slays a dragon for his princess. I’d like to see Charming do that. He also is the most attractive out of all the princes. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he is my “type” and no I don’t mean animated characters but more along the lines of tall, dark, and handsome. Lastly, he loves animals. His relationship with Samson (his horse) is really sweet and endearing.

Kristoff (Frozen)


I love Kristoff and part of the reason is because he isn’t actually a prince. However, Disney is putting him in the lineup of official Disney princes. The prince in Frozen is actually a douche which was really refreshing! Kristoff is a “normal” quirky, yet charming, guy. He is very hardworking, honest, fun and guess what? He loves animals too! He isn’t nearly as attractive as Phillip but there is something adorable about his appearance. His voice actor is pretty cute though. Check out this interview with him. One of my friends is mad at Frozen for the song Fixer Upper and I don’t blame her. He’s great just the way he is!


Flynn Rider (Tangled)


So mainly Flynn gets an honorable mention because he’s hot as far as Disney princes go. Unfortunately, he IS a thief so he can’t make his way to the top of my list. He does have a good heart though.

Beast/Prince Adam (Beauty & the Beast)


Beast essentially starts out by enslaving Belle so he can’t be in my top BUT he gets an honorable mention because of his transformation and he is one of my favorites. Plus, let’s all just admit that his beast form is kind of appealing?


The Classic Princes’ (Cinderella & Snow White)



My two least favorite princes’ are Charming and No Name Charming? Does Snow White’s prince actually have a name? I don’t think so but I honestly don’t know. I COULD google it but I’ll just go with No Name. Maybe Disney was originally going to have all their princes be known as Charming. Honestly, it’s really not their fault that Disney made them lifeless cliches but it is what it is. I’m always pretty baffled when people say Prince Charming is their favorite. Usually when I ask why it’s because he’s nice, handsome, and a prince. Never once have I heard someone say the prince from Snow White. Now THAT would be really interesting considering basically his only rose is to kiss a dead princess. Once Upon A Time has really done him a service. He doesn’t even come close to Hook though! 😉


Here is a picture of Hook just for your own enjoyment as well as mine. He’s not a Disney prince at all and IS a “villain” but these days there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Disney villains. (Just another thing they are doing right!) One day I’m going to dedicate a post solely to Hook.

Thanks for reading! I know I didn’t focus on the worst because I just love Disney and don’t like to bash it. I hope you enjoyed this post. P.S. If you want to see a real life prince just google search “Cat being saved by fireman” and be prepared for heart melting adorableness.

One Comment on “Best & Worst Disney Princes

  1. My favorites have to be Flynn and Aladdin (though both not technically princes!) Gotta love those bad boys. And they sing!

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