What Dress to Wear to a Summer Wedding

The end of summer is approaching and with that comes a multitude of weddings every weekend. I still haven’t figured out why everyone loves labor day weddings so much but such is life and we will will suffer the heat together. This list is inspired by Possessionista’s blog post on what to wear to a wedding featuring affordable dresses from Lulus.com. My list is compiled of dresses from NastyGal.com all under $125.

Drawing a Blank Dress – Green {$68}test2This dress is perfect for a daytime summer wedding. Fun and flattering on all body types! Plus, that color is magical.

Mod About You Dress – Navy {$68}

45065.1.zoomThis dress is great for when an event transitions from day to night. It’s great to have an option that allows you to cover your arms but still be flattering due to the sheerness.

Escapade Sequin Slip Dress – Nude {$88}

39365.0.zoomThis dress is a perfect option if you are on the slender side because it will show off your svelte shape while being fun and flirty. If you are nervous about the color being too faint for a wedding you could always add a pop of color with a fluorescent shrug.

Dana Dress – Peach {$68}

41838.3.zoomThis dress offers a classic sleek shape but the amazing peach color makes it perfect for a summer dress and will compliment that summer tan you’ve worked so hard for perfectly!

Pipe Down Dress – Nude/Orange {$118}


Want something a little more edgy but still polished? Then this dress is for you. The colors are perfect for summer too.

Black Magic Dress – Black {$68}

43420.0.zoomSome people prefer to not wear black to a wedding but I have no problem wearing a classic little black dress to an evening wedding! If you are worried that it will seem to “drab” you can always add some color with a statement necklace or a belt at the waist.

I’m Yours Dress – Red {$88}

37962.0.zoomI probably wouldn’t wear red to a wedding but if you are a bold girl who loves bold colors, this dress is VERY flattering and I adore the neckline.

Contessa Brocade Dress – Champagne {58}

33440.0.zoomIf you live for cut out dresses then this is a better option for a wedding than a lot out there because of the subtlety. Plus the color is neutral and is paired perfectly with that red lipstick.

Neon Love Skirt {$31} & Corset

39405.0.zoomAn alternative to purchasing a dress is pairing a skirt with a corset and NastyGal has lots of great options! This is an especially great option for younger girls who can’t afford to buy a dress and only want to purchase a skirt and pair it with a top they already own.

“Big Spender” Dress Options

Can you afford to spend a little bit more? Then here are some GREAT options if you have a little more flexibility with your budger.

Alice McCall Angels on Wheels Dress {$389}

40481.3.zoomI am obsessed with this dress.  It’s so esthetically pleasing. I love color block and this adds more to it by adding a really cool pattern.

Dark Bloom Madison Dress – Black/White {$220}

26539.2.zoomI love this super chic black and white floral dress. It looks great with the black clutch and would look really cool with a black statement necklace. The internet seems to agree white printed dresses are okay for weddings and I wouldn’t care if someone wore this to my wedding but if you are attending a wedding where the bride is more sensitive – pass on it. Apparently, lately it’s trendy for bride’s to require to wear white to weddings. This is also a great choice for a non-wedding summer night event.

Alice McCall Monte Carlo Dress – Peach/Floral {368}

40484.1.zoomLove the Alice dress above but want something a little more feminine? This is also a great option. Again, I’d imagine it would be very flatting on most body shapes.

Well I hope you found this article helpful. I know finding attire for weddings can be financially draining and stressful but it doesn’t have to be! What do you guys think about these? Is the dark bloom dress wedding appropriate? What’s your favorite color to wear to weddings?

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