Donut Theme Gift Box

Good afternoon! My two best friends’ birthdays are during summer so I thought it’d be fun to show you what I got them this year. I decided for both of them to do a themed gift box. First up is Danielle! We both love donuts (who doesn’t!) but she has been really healthy in her eating and exercising habits these past six months and has pretty much avoided them. So I went with a non-edible donut theme. Seriously, is there anything better than a donut?

DONUT CARD (Pardon my french, please)

photo-7 copy 3

You can purchase this card via Etsy here. It is $4 (including shipping) and the quality is great! Sorry about the language, I just couldn’t resist this card! It’s a little bit on the large size for a birthday card but I’m really happy with it.


photo-7 copy 4

I purchased this shirt at my favorite Nordstrom section “Savvy” and you can purchase it online here. It’s $28 dollars and the material is really soft and it’s just so cute! I actually have a different donut tee that I purchased here from whitefoxboutique but I didn’t want to pay for international shipping again.


photo-7 copy 5

I have no words to describe how stinking adorable this ring is. It took a MONTH to ship which was annoying and I ended up having to give her her gift two weeks late but it was only $13 (including shipping) and it was SO worth the wait. You can purchase it here on Etsy.


photo-7 copy

I also purchased this on Etsy and it arrived within two weeks; however, the sprinkles were only on one side. I’m guessing maybe it shifted during shipping somehow so it is disappointing but it’s still cute and goes with the theme.  You can purchase one here but I might recommend checking out some other sellers.



Last but certainly not least… the wrap! Wrapping is always my favorite part of gift giving and this is one of my favorite wrapping paper sheets to date. I mean look at it! It’s SO CUTE. I purchased it at my nearest Paper Source.

What do you think? Would you like to receive a themed gift? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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