Back to School Fall Essentials: Clothing & Accessories

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching!!! I’m referring to fall and winter in case you are unsure of what the most wonderful time of the year is. I realize not everyone appreciates the true magic of the season but it is indeed magical. Unfortunately, that also means going back to school for a lot of people. The best part about that is back to school shopping, one of the few parts of my teenage years that I miss. Here are my top ten “back to school must have’s”!

G R A P H I C   T E E S

Cute, cheap, and comfy. Basically the perfect trifecta for school clothing in my book. These are available on etsy here. Want to see the cutest graphic tee of them all? Check out my Donut post.

L A Y E R I N G    T A N K S

I love wearing long layered tanks over leggings and the T by Alexander Wang Pocket Tank is literally the perfect tank top. They are on the more expensive side (usually are around $70) but I generally buy mine on eBay.

C O M F Y   S W E A T E R S

Nothing says fall quite like big cozy sweaters and Urban Outfitters has a great selection.

S T A T E M E N T   J A C K E T

With most of my clothes I generally go for simple.  However, when it comes to jackets, I think it’s fun to have a nicer statement jacket that really packs a punch! All of these jackets are Free People.

S K I N N Y   J E A N S

Skinny jeans are a must. If I had to splurge on just one item out of everything on this list, it would be a pair of J Brand black skinny jeans. They are so flattering and I haven’t found a pair of jeans that fit or look better. All of the jeans shown above are J Brand and they range from $150 – $250. You can always find cute, cheap shirts or jackets that fit nice but with jeans I haven’t found a cheap alternative. For me it’s J Brand or nothing. I usually try to get a pair 20% off during Bloomingdale’s “friends and family” sale.


I love leggings. I really hope they don’t ever go out of style because they are so ridiculously comfortable. I’m not a fan of leggings paired with shirts that don’t cover the butt though, which is why I have tons of long tanks like the pocket ones above.

DKNY Fusion: $46    Lululemon Wunder Under: $82    Nike Thermal: $54

I know these are pricey but for me they are worth it, especially the DKNY fusions. If you want cheaper options for leggings I’ve gotten some good ones at Target.

B O O K   B A G

I never really used book bags and pretty much always carried my books and just used my purse. I think tote’s work really well if you don’t want a backpack. However, if I were to need a backpack for some reason I would definitely get something really fun like these two.

Urban Outfitters Tote: $59    Mad Pax Backpack: $56   Yoda Backpack: $39

F A L L    B O O T S

Another one of my favorite parts about back to school shopping was always boots. Pretty much every day during winter I wear some form of a tall black boot… and I mean literally every single day. Booties are another great option but I have to wear healed booties since I’m only 5’3 (5’3.5 to be exact!) and I feel that flat booties are unflattering on me. Both boots seen above are Steve Madden and the rain boots are made by Hunter. There are lots of places to purchase these.

S I M P L E   J E W E L R Y

I love simple jewelry that you can wear everyday. My favorite necklace of all time is the Karma Dogeared necklace. It’s so simple and beautiful I could wear it everyday. I don’t wear bracelets often but when I do my personal favorites are Alex + Ani. My collection is out of control.

Dogeared Necklace: $76    Layering Rings: $8.50  Alex & Ani Bangles: Price Varies

N O T E P A D   &   P E N S

And last but certainly not least… supplies!

Typo Notebook: $4.95  Mint Pencils: $12   Kate Spade Pencil Case

Sadly, there is no back to school shopping for me anymore. I just get to life shop now. Basically, I buy stuff as I need it and can afford it but never in a large group like the good ol’ back to school shopping days. I hope you guys enjoyed this collection and let me know what some of your favorites are in the comments section. Good luck with back to school my friends!

3 Comments on “Back to School Fall Essentials: Clothing & Accessories

  1. Good post!
    My only complaint is that there aren’t enough school supplies. I love notebooks, pens, pencils, page markers, etc!

  2. great post!!! i’ve gone graphic tee crazy lately!! Old Navy has some super cute ones for great prices!! check out my post on backpacks too for some real vs steal 🙂

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