Disney Villains: Who is the evilest of them all?

Often times I will root for a villain just as much as I root for a heroine because there is usually more than meets the eye. Maybe said villain really has a heart of gold after all?!

However, there are some villains that are just so evil, so sick, and SO hateful you rejoice when they finally get what’s coming to them. Disney has put out some pretty nasty villains for kids movies but who really is the baddest of them all? Let’s take a look!



Yowza. She is by far the worst Disney villain of all time. Try to find a villain that is worse, seriously… try. NOPE, you couldn’t think of any and that’s because there is none. It’s Cruella and it always will be. She is pure evil. I had nightmares about her as a kid.


I mean look at her just sitting in her bed being evil. Her life is devoted to skinning animals and she will hurt anyone who gets in the way of that mission. She specifically wants a coat made out of cute, little puppies?!?

What the heck.


She’s even scarier in the live action version of the film.

Side note, that first gif of Cruella is giving me a major headache.  My apologies to you if you now have a headache too.



So there is probably a valid argument that the Queen of Hearts is the worst Disney villain of all time considering she toddles around yelling “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD” constantly… but I’m an animal person. Everything about the animated version of Queen of Hearts just gets under my skin.  They definetely succeeded at making her unlikable. She may not be the baddest bitch of them all, but she has rightfully earned spot #2 on this list.



Ursula has that same unlikable factor that the queen of hearts has. She doesn’t make my blood boil quite as much but still manages to give me the creeps. I think it’s mostly her makeup that does it for me. Nasty stuff, my friends.  Essentially she gets off on killing young love, metaphorically AND literally. Standing in the way of young love is just heartless and cruel. Plus the little barnicles/squiggly things she turns them into are really gross. Poor little stupid-in-love mermaids.


*Once Upon A Time Fans: I don’t like how they had Regina be Ursula. I love Regina and it was certainly creative but also kind of lame. I would have loved to see a real attempt at Ursula because of how crazy and eccentric her appearance is. Thoughts?



Whereas the earlier villains on this list failed in appearance; evil queen is one HOT crazy bitch. Her blush, lipstick, and eye shadow is seriously on point. Okay enough about her beauty because she is pure evil. She wants to cut out her step-daughter’s heart and save it in a box, simply because she is prettier than her. Perhaps the apple is a parallel to the Evil Queen. Beautiful on the outside but poison on the inside.



Welp. Least but certainly not least is wicked stepmother! Okay so in comparison to the other villains she is rather mild… BUT she still did use her Cinderella as a slave and tried to stop her from finding happiness. Perhaps her eyes are green because she is green with jealousy? Oh my gosh just look at Disney being so clever. How did I not notice before?! Anywho, props to Disney for making her look like such an evil person. I mean just look at her working those eyebrows.

Well friends, now it’s your turn. Do you agree with my ranking? Is there a nastier villain out there that should have been on this list? If so, who shouldn’t have made it. Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

2 Comments on “Disney Villains: Who is the evilest of them all?

  1. I agree about Cruella De Vil. Those freaky cheekbones! Disney did a good job making me afraid of her. I like that first gif haha.
    Queen of Hearts never was scary to me because she’s too comical. Neither was Ursula. I must find skinny chicks more frightening.
    The Evil Queen was definitely haunting, with her ghostly voice. I never liked watching the transformation scene.
    The Wicked Stepmother never scared me at all. Cinderella was just a straight-up magical movie for me and I loved every minute so much.
    I write about my favorite Disney villain a bit here: http://hazelnutpie.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/more-halloween-purples/
    Medusa from The Rescuers is usually left out of discussions about Disney villains.

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