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Want some ideas on what to wear as a wedding guest this summer?  Do you love blush?  Well then this post is for you!  Here are 27 (actually 28 – I just said 27 to be clever) of my favorite suggestions grouped into price categories $50-$125, $150-$300, and $300+.  There is a dress for everyone and every budget – bridesmaids, mother of the bride, wedding guests, tall, short, slender, curvy, and everything… Read More

The end of summer is approaching and with that comes a multitude of weddings every weekend. I still haven’t figured out why everyone loves labor day weddings so much but such is life and we will will suffer the heat together. This list is inspired by Possessionista’s blog post on what to wear to a wedding featuring affordable dresses from My list is compiled of dresses from all under $125.